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 November 2012
Issue No. 32 
November Special
20% OFF Any Item Listed   
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The equipment on this list will be discounted by 20% for any purchase in the month of November. The owner needs to vacate the building asap. It is located in Northern Colorado. 

Tel: (970) 353-7873 or (319) 385-9707
Dear Dan,

The Cleaners Equipment Company is your source for dry cleaning and laundry equipment solutions. We offer used equipment items manufactured by Parker, Cissell, Forenta, White, Rema, Unipress and many others plus new and refurbished equipment and products.

We recently listed a complete drycleaning plant of equipment for sale. Be sure to check out the "Google Documents" links on the lower right side  for more details.


Jim Nixon & Ed Longanecker
The Cleaners Equipment Company


Featured Items  
Hot HeadHot Head Laundry Press    
Price: $2,400
Color: White
Model: Ajax 451
Year: 2000

"Currently In Use" 
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Ajax Sleever Conveyor - Up/Down
Price: $3,000
Color: Black/Silver
Model: White

"Working when plant closed 03-31-12

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Ultra Sonic CleanerImage HE 60 lb Washer
Price: $4,200
Color: Stainless
Model: 60 lb HE 6082-24 ANU


"Good working condition"


For more information  - CLICK HERE   

Ultra Sonic CleanerRema RP-8 
Price: $1,400
Color: Brown
Model: RP-8
Year: 2004


"Working when plant closed 03-31-12"


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The Cleaners Equipment Co is a local brokerage house that helps people buy and sell used drycleaning and laundry equipment.

If you want to sell . . . we want to hear from you.
If you want to buy . . . Contact us today!

Tel: (970) 353-7873 or (319) 385-9707
In This Issue
Hot Head Laundry Press
Conveyor - Up/Down
Image HE 60 lb Washer
Rema RP-8
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D/C Machine
Form Finisher
Pant Press - Hot Head
Puff Iron
Spotting Board
Utility Press
Air Bag Sleever
Collar and Cuff
Body Press
Collar Cone
Dbl Buck Press
Shirt Damp Box
Cabinet Sleever
Too Many to List...

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Jim Nixon

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